Philanthropy Responds

Learn how foundations in Canada are adapting to support charities and other organizations during this unprecedented global crisis.


Philanthropy in Canada is undergoing a major shift in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and many funders have adapted to this unprecedented situation and adjusted their support to grantees. Philanthropy Responds is an interactive data mapping tool designed to identify initiatives and encourage collaboration within the Canadian grantmaking community to better serve Canadians impacted by this crisis. By sharing data and providing a platform to engage funders, along with a timely snapshot of activities and critical gaps in funding, Philanthropy Responds is a useful data tool to build knowledge, encourage collaboration and help funders make decisions.

Lessons Learned

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Adapt to this changing situation by learning how other funders have pivoted.

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Collaborate with funders on similar projects to multiply your impact.

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Participate in this knowledge-sharing project by adding your story to our data.

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