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Giving Dashboard

See the data on how funders in Canada have responded to COVID-19 to better understand the impact areas, activities, regions, and target populations funders are supporting. Sharing data on how charitable giving is being distributed and learning about the initiatives of other grantmakers increases knowledge and capacity and broadens the impact of the sector.

Data Disclaimer

The visualizations on this website were based on voluntary responses submitted by a subset of funders in Canada as well as integrated Emergency Community Support Fund (ESCF) data, generously provided by Community Foundations of Canada. Please note that various ECSF data fields did not directly correspond to those in the survey and may have been omitted from certain visualizations to maintain relevance of the data; refer to the TOOLTIP below each dashboard for more information on the included data. The visualizations will update in real time as more funders submit survey responses. If you are a funder in Canada, you can participate by contributing your information.

Additional Analysis & Research

The Philanthropic Foundations of Canada (PFC), one of the partner organizations behind this initiative, has also been producing monthly reports on how the sector is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, based on snapshots of the survey data. View these below:

Download The Data

As part of this project, some respondents allowed for their survey response data to be shared as open data. This means you can download and reuse the data for any purpose, given you meet the terms of the CC-BY-4.0 licence.

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Find Collaborators

Find other grantmakers in Canada doing valuable work to support communities impacted by COVID-19.